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Wholesale Dock Hardware
Caulfied Associates is a manufacturer of commercial grade dock and marina hardware and parts
Caulfield Associates, Inc. 243 Harvey Avenue, Doylestown PA 18901 Floating Dock Hardware Manufacturer & Dock Designer Sitemap
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About Caulfield Associates

Celebrating over 48 Years designing and constructing the best floating docks in the world!
Caulfield Associates specializes in the design and manufacturing of dock hardware and floating docks. We can provide complete services for design and construction of your floating dock project. Choose to assemble your own docks using our dock harware and parts, or we can design and deliver completed docks to your job site. The individual docks and overall layout can be supplied according to your design or we can recommend plans for your site. We are equipped to help you through any or every phase of your project.
We represent Cellofoam Perma Floats, Eagle and Whiteridge dock floats, Trus-Joist MacMillan marine beam Parallams, Jim Buoy regulatory buoys and vinyl products. Edson/ Ocean Scout sewage pump out boats, American Boom and Barrier oil and turbidity control booms. We also have the revolutionary new WAVE BREAK, a new flexible and site assembled wave attenuator. We manufacture our own heavy duty hot dipped galvanized dock hardware, and a premium line of 100% post consumer recycled plastic lumber for framing and decking.
In addition we inventory several lines of dock floats, marine grade hardware, fasteners, nails, and related dock hardware for mooring and anchoring systems. We also offer recycled plastic lumber docks or complete kits. We are here to help you with your floating dock project. Please contact us for design assistance, pricing, and freight quotes. We can offer discounts on catalog prices, even for small orders. Caulfield Associates works with many engineering and architectural firms in designing the floating part of their marina projects and/ or reviewing shop drawings. We deliver quality and guarantee our work.
Choose us for your floating dock project.
When George Washington's army attacks Trenton, NJ every Christmas Day, they do it via Caulfield Associates built docks located on both sides of the Delaware River.
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