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Caulfied Associates is a manufacturer of commercial grade dock and marina hardware and parts
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Dock Design Services : Custom Floating Docks

Caulfield Associates specializes in the design and manufacturing of floating docks, marinas, elevated boardwalks, aluminum gangways and bridges in addition to dock hardware and parts. We can provide complete dock design services for your project and we specialize in the design and manufacturing of heavy duty commercial docks. Our design specialists will work to design your project to fit your specific site requirements, your proposed use requirements and most importantly, your budget. Our design services we can offer: PE stamped shop drawings any state. Marina Dock Design for Architects and Engineers Design of Elevated Boardwalks and Nature Trails Custom Solutions for Unusual Floating Projects Design of Portable Work Platforms to Floating Islands Shop Drawing Review for Architects and Engineers We specialize in the design and manufacturing of heavy duty commercial docks. Our large commercial docks are designed to use the Truss-Joist MacMillan parallam. It is an engineered wood beam, treated to .6CCA or higher. We have several completed installations where the dock sizes are 8' x 50'. To compliment our installations, we have custom designed aluminum gangways and pedestrian bridges, boat lifts, wave attenuators, regulatory buoys, anchor systems, and chain and cable. Why Choose Caulfield Associates to build your floating dock or marina project... We never use Composite plastic lumber (50% sawdust and 50% plastic shopping bags) We never bed carriage bolts directly into wood. We never deliver you a dock with all thread punched through the float under water. We will never compromise on our materials. We have the ability to manufacture floating docks from other materials as well as wood and recycled plastic. We have many aluminum systems in place, as well as steel truss frame systems. We are ready to meet all your requirements for dock and marina design services and manufacture of dock parts and dock hardware. Choose to assemble your own floating docks, or we can design, deliver and install completed docks at your job site. We will manufacture to your design specifications or we can recommend plans for your specific project and are ready to help you through any or every phase of your floating dock project.
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