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Caulfied Associates is a manufacturer of commercial grade dock and marina hardware and parts
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Hoop Pile Holders

Discounted pricing offered only to approved commercial accounts, marinas, contractors and government agencies. Minimum order of $2500 or more required.
Hoop Pile Holders are engineered to be used with round pilings, wood, concrete, plastic or steel. The mounting frames are made from 1 1/2" schedule .40 steel pipe. Once all welding and fabrication has been completed, the units are hot-dipped galvanized. Stainless steel hex head bolts and nylon lock nuts are used to attach hoops. These pile guides offer easy installation and removal and free up and down movement of the dock. Custom sizes and types are available. Call us at 215-480-1940 for availability and pricing. 
Part # Description Weight  Price HPH-14 14” single roller W/ hoop. Use with 12” pile. 36 lb $135.00