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Caulfied Associates is a manufacturer of commercial grade dock and marina hardware and parts
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Vinyl Rubrail

Discounted pricing offered only to approved commercial accounts, marinas, contractors and government agencies. Minimum order of $2500 or more required.
Our white vinyl rubrail will look great on your dock while providing protection for your watercraft. These durable PVC extrusions will not crack, or deteriorate from temperature extremes or harmful sunlight. They are unaffected by gas, oil, or saltwater. UV stabilizers and a fungicide are added to prevent yellowing. We offer stainless ring barb nails for easy, secure attachment of the rubrail to your dock. Call us at 215-480-1940 for availability and pricing.
Part # Description Weight  Price VRR-2.75P 3” P type – 10’  lightweight 9 lb $21.00 VRR-3P 3” P type – 10’  heavyweight 11 lb   $27.00 VRR-3.5P 3-1/2” P type – 10’  heavyweight 14 lb $40.00 VRR-3.75F 3-3/4” flat - 10’  heavyweight 10 lb $27.00 VRR-4.75F 4-3/4” flat - 10’  heavyweight 18 lb $39.00