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Wave Attenuator

Discounted pricing offered only to approved commercial accounts, marinas, contractors and government agencies. Minimum order of $2500 or more required.
The stackable floats are 3’ x 4’ x 20”. The upper float is foam filled for flotation of the structure. The stackable empty float is bolted to the bottom of the float and is filled with water. If needed, a second water-filled float can be added. This system adds only the weight of the shelf to the dock. The encased water acts as the attenuator against waves. It is an inexpensive and effective way to deter waves. Wave Attenuator Foam Filled, FC-WAFULL This is the foam filled portion of the wave attenuator system that provides flotation for your dock, and also provides flanges to attach empty wave attentator cells underneath that provide wave buffering. This will not work most efficiently as a wave buffer itself, it needs to be used in conjunction with the FC-WAEMPTY. Wave Attenuator Empty, FC-WAEMPTY This empty portion of the wave attenuator system that works with the FC- WAFULL to provide wave buffering. It is designed to attach via the flanges to the underside of the FC-WAFULL. They can be stacked up to 3 floats deep under a dock to provide a total of 5' (20" x 3) of depth below your dock in to the water. The empty cells have holes that allow watter to pass through the shells, but buffer wave action in the process. Call us at 215-480-1940 for options and shipping costs.
Part # Buoyancy Weight  Price FC-WAFULL 1088 65 lb                Call for pricing FC-WAEMPTY None 50 lb Empty                Call for pricing