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Wave Break

Discounted pricing offered only to approved commercial accounts, marinas, contractors and government agencies. Minimum order of $2500 or more required.
If you own or manage any property along the shoreline of any large body of water, you are well aware of the havoc that wind-driven waves and large boats can bring upon your property. The concept of offshore floating breakwaters has been something that waterfront property owners and managers have been investigating for many years. There are a number of systems on the market today offering wave attenuation solutions, but for the most part, these are rigid, costly, and at best, give only marginal service. Wave Brake consists of several rows of heavy duty cubes, depending on the conditions and requirements of the site. For mass, the lower cubes fill with water, and the upper cubes are used for buoyancy. Wave & Wake Barriers Protection for Docks, Lifts and Boarding Eliminate Chop from Heavy Boat Traffic Use the Boat No Matter the Weather Use the Dock for Mooring without Damage Residential Harbors Create Quite Water in Wave Conditions Promotes Safe Boating in All Conditions Erosion Control Perpendicular Structures; jetty, groin, or pier Parallel Structure; offshore breakwaters Beach Stabilization Create offshore shoals to slow wave energy Slow sand migration and build beach mass Marina Breakwaters Eliminate wake & chop from the mooring area Eliminate repair costs from storm driven waves Marine Habitat Creates a fish hotel for the area May impact speed of weed growth Does not impede littoral drift Negative environmental impact Wetlands Protect plantings in restored shore areas Protect exposed areas from storms Protect marshes without fill Wavebrake is fully customized to your specifications... No matter how big or small the disturbance is, or how deep the water runs, you can count on the Wavebrake to perform exactly as you intend! Call 215-480-1940 for Wave Break options & current pricing